Conference History



May 21, 2001

LeMoyne College (Syracuse)

Tomorrow’s Librarians: You Can Get There From Here

October 2, 2000

Hamilton College (Clinton)

The Changing Nature Of Collections: Responses and Strategies

May 19, 2000

Schenectady County Community College

Academic Libraries Partnering With Our Communities

October 18, 1999

Siena College (Loudonville)

Hand in Hand: Partnerships in Academe

May 17, 1999


Renaissance Librarian: The Art of Juggling Multiple Roles

October 26, 1998

Skidmore College (Saratoga Springs)

What’s Brewing in Academic Libraries?

May 8, 1998

Marist College (Poughkeepsie)

Full Speed Ahead: The Impact of Full-Text Databases

October 9, 1997

Adirondack Community College (Glens Falls)

Books, Bytes & Bailiwicks: Professional Ethics in the Academic

March 21, 1997

SUNY New Paltz

(Joint conference of Eastern New York & Greater Metropolitan Area

New York Academic Libraries Collaborating for the Future

October 11, 1996

College of Saint Rose (Albany)

Who’s in Charge Here? Connections and Coalitions Between Libraries and
Computer Centers

March 8, 1996

Syracuse U.

Theory Into Practice: Educational Pathways for Librarians

October 13, 1995

SUNY Albany

A Changing World: Planning, Managing, and Doing in Libraries

March 17, 1995

RPI (Troy)

The Internet & the Academic Library

October 1994

Hamilton College

Stand or Deliver

March 18, 1994

Vassar College

Re-Engineering Library Services

October 7-8, 1993


Human Issues in Libraries

March 19, 1993

SUC-Tech Utica

(Joint conference with Upstate NY SLA)

Closing Doors, Opening Windows: Delivery of Information in a new Light

October 23, 1992


The Future of the Printed Word

March 20, 1992

Siena College

Academic Librarians: The Challenge of Change

October 18, 1991

Cornell U.

Empowerment in the 90’s & Beyond

March 22, 1991

Utica College of Syracuse U.

Embracing Diversity

October 19, 1990

Skidmore College
(Saratoga Springs)

Electronic Information: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

March 21-23, 1990

Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse NY

(Statewide conference)

Harmony in a Time of Change: Finding Common Ground

October 13, 1989

Hudson Valley Community College (Troy)

Library Connections

March 31, 1989

Colgate U.

Leadership Roles for Librarians: Examining the Possibilities

October 28, 1988

Schenectady County Community College

Legal Issues in Libraries

April 22, 1988

SUC Oneonta

Education and the Academic Librarian in an Era of Technological Change

October 9, 1987

SUNY Plattsburgh

Jewels in the Crown: the Diverse Collections of the College and
Research Library: How to Handle, Acquire, and Provide Access to them all.

April 23-24, 1987

Albany Hilton Hotel (Regional Conference: New England, New Jersey,
Greater Metropolitan NY, and Eastern New York)

Access to Government Information: a Right or a Privilege?

October 20, 1986

Syracuse U.

Workshops: Collection Management and Personnel Issues

March 24, 1986

Union College (Schenectady)

Are We Connecting?: Evaluation of Public Services in the Age of

October 4, 1985

Siena College (Loudonville)

Library Funding and Automation in the 1980’s

April 19, 1985

St. Lawrence U.

Generic Micro Computer Software: How Appropriate for Library

October 19, 1984

SUC Cortland


May 4, 1984

SUNY Albany

Human Dynamics: Recruitment, Ethics, Evaluation and other Personnel

September 30, 1983

Vassar College

Automation: Issues and Projects from Acquisitions to Word Processing

April 29, 1983

Syracuse U. (Joint conference with Western NY Chapter)

Library Instruction: How We Teach and What We Teach

September 24, 1982

RPI (Troy)


April 2, 1982

Colgate U.


How Far and How Much

September 25, 1981

St. Lawrence U.



April 24, 1981

SUC Oneonta

Influencing Decisionmakers

October 10, 1980

Skidmore College
(Saratoga Springs)


April 25, 1980

New York State Library

New York State Library

Fall 1979?



May 18, 1979

Siena College


September 29, 1978

SUC Oswego


May 25, 1978

SUNY Bimghamton

Setting Priorities for Academic Libraries

September 30, 1977

Colgate U.

Workshops: "Closing the Card Catalog" and "OCLC for
Reader’s Services"

May 26, 1977

Williams College
(Williamstown, MA)

Evaluative Interviewing

October 1, 1976

SUC Cortland


May 8, 1976

Russell Sage (Troy)

Copyright: Pending Legislation

November 14, 1975

SUNY Albany

Retrenchment in Higher Education: Implications for Librarians