ENY/ACRL Annual Membership Meeting Agenda

ENY/ACRL Annual Membership Meeting

May 20, 2020

10:30am to 11:00am

Virtual Meeting



 Welcome and Call to Order, Anne Rauh, President

Approval of May 22, 2019 Business Meeting Minutes (see below)


Annual Reports

Annual reports will be distributed in advance of the meeting.


Election Results, Anne Rauh, President


Professional Development Awards, Debbie Krahmer, Past President


Old Business, Anne Rauh

There is no old business.


Call for New Business, Anne Rauh, President


Announcements, Anne Raugh, President

There are no announcements.






Annual Business Meeting

May 22, 2019

Mount Saint Mary College


DRAFT Minutes


Welcome and Call to Order, Debbie Krahmer, President

Debbie called the Business Meeting to order at 12:46 p.m.


Approval of May 22, 2018 Business Meeting Minutes (attached)

Ali Larsen moved to approve the minutes of the 2018 Business Meeting.  Kristin Strohmeyer seconded.  The minutes were approved.


Election Results, Debbie Krahmer, President

The results of the recently election for Board vacancies were:

  • Vice President/President-Elect:  Camille Chesley
  • Program Chair:  Wendy West
  • Communications Chair:  Kate Moss
  • Government Relations Chair:  Angela Hackstadt


The Membership also voted to approve a proposal to split the Board position of Vice President/President-Elect/Program Chair between two positions. Starting with the next election cycle, there will be one position of Program Chair and a second position for Vice President/President-Elect.


Professional Development Award, Ali Larsen, Past President

This past year ENY/ACRL awarded Professional Development Grants to the following:

  • Kelly MacWatters (Siena College)
  • Christina Huffaker (Utica College)
  • Juan Denzer (SUNY Oswego)
  • Heidi Ziemer (Colgate University)
  • Sharon Fisher (Binghamton University)
  • Esta Tovstiadi (SUNY Potsdam)
  • Twanna Hodge (SUNY Upstate Medical University)
  • Camille Chesley (University at Albany)
  • Yvette Cortes (Skidmore College)


Thanks to the Selection Committee

  • Kelly Delevan (Syracuse University)
  • Julia Glauberman (Binghamton University)
  • Jen Park (Mount St. Mary’s College)


Old Business, Debbie Krahmer, President

There was no old business.


Call for New Business, Debbie Krahmer, President

There was no new business


Announcements, Debbie Krahmer, President

  • Ethics/Code of Conduct—There was information about the Code of Ethics/Code of Conduct in the newsletter. The Board voted in March to endorse the ALA Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics, with a goal to work with the membership to develop and vote on a version of each to be added to the bylaws in our March 2020 voting period.  Members are encouraged to share any ideas about this with the Board.
  • Membership Participation– The Board is also investigating ways to increase member participation and understanding and resolving barriers to participation.


Door Prizes, Debbie Krahmer, President

The following door prizes, donated by the Chapter, were awarded by raffle:


ENY/ACRL2020 Registration

Kate Moss (St. Rose)

Samantha Berry (SUNY Adirondack)


Professional Development Award ($250)

Jane Kessler

John Stawarz (Syracuse University)


Professional Development Award ($500)

Bill Palmer (Binghamton University)


Two student registrations were sponsored by Gimlet:

Sarah Scott

Pradipta Pariyal



The meeting was adjourned at 1:08 by Debbie Krahmer