ENY/ACRL Spring Newsletter

The ENY/ACRL newsletter is now available! This issue includes information about the Spring Conference (Tuesday, May 19th at Binghamton University), 2015 board candidates, and a summary of our 2014 brown bag lunches, as well asĀ  articles by Michelle Young on Therapy Dogs and Canine Good Citizens for Stress Relief and Denise Garofalo on Collaboration, Personal Librarians, and FYE. Thanks to all who contributed!

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  1. George Says:

    The numbers were scary for us, too, at first (I run Yale’s PL praorgm for undergraduates). But our colleagues at the Yale Medical Library, who’ve been doing this since 1996, assured us that having a large number of students wouldn’t be a problem. We’ve been doing this with Yale College for four years now, and Medical was right. Sure, it’s busy around the time papers and assignments are coming due, but so is/was the traditional reference desk. We have 27 librarians participating, all of whom have other day jobs, and most of them spend less than 10 hours a semester doing PL work. The payoff comes from the good will we get in return the students love us, the university administration loves us, parents (and donors!) too. It’s all good.

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