Get Involved! Secretary position

Have you been looking for a good way to get involved with ENY/ACRL? We’ll be posting about the various positions that are coming open this Spring.

The Secretary position is available for election! This is a great way to learn everything you could ever possibly want to know about ENY/ACRL. Plus, since most of our meetings are virtual, you don’t have to worry about travel at all! More details below.


  • Elected position
  • Serves 2 years.
  • Time Involved: Quarterly Board meetings, primarily online (about 2 hours each). Face-to-face meeting immediately after the annual conference. Must attend the conference business meeting. It is estimated that you will spend about 1-2 hours every 4 months on this position.
  • Duties
    • Prepares and records the minutes of board meetings, as well as the conference. Sends out the agenda prior to a board meeting.
    • Assists Past President with developing the candidate ballot and emailing ballots as needed.
    • Maintains Chapter Documents (Bylaws, Board Handbook, etc.)
    • Writes annual report for the annual conference.
  • Requirements:
    • Member of ENY/ACRL
    • Member of ALA and ACRL

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