Spring 2014 Conference Breakout Sessions

Session A: Starting Down the Path of Quality Library Instruction – First Year Library Experiences that Work throughout College.

Carol Anne Germain, Information Literacy Librarian, University at Albany

Carol Anne will lead a “fun” breakout session with attendees sharing and discussing their instructional strategies with teaching students (and sometimes faculty) in First Year Experience Programs. Attendees are encouraged to bring their instructional techniques for these college neophytes – which may include assignments, web initiatives, and /or lessons practices to share with one another.

Session B: Adventures in Digitization!           

Kathryn Frederick, Systems Librarian, Skidmore College

The session will give a brief overview of Skidmore College’s digital collections and plans for     long-term digital preservation. The presenter will explore the implications of digitized content on scholars, students and alumni, librarians, and the general public. Attendees will be encouraged to talk about their own adventures, challenges, and triumphs in creating and maintaining digital collections.

Session C: RDA: Transitions and Transformations in the First Year of Implementation

John Myers, Catalog Librarian, Union College

Join John Myers, Catalog Librarian at Union College, in a round-table discussion to share and discuss how RDA has been implemented at the local level. He will lead off with a brief report on the overall strategy and the specific activities put in place at Union College’s Schaffer Library. Attendees are encouraged to share their institutions’ activities. Those who have deferred RDA implementation are equally welcome to attend and learn pitfalls and tips of moving forward.

Session D: The State of E-books and Academic Libraries     

Raik Zaghloul, Head of Collection Development, Union College                                  

The presentation will introduce the breakout session by giving an update on recent ebook developments related to academic libraries. It will explore in some detail the changes in the strategies and tactics of content providers and aggregators in managing and responding to libraries’ ebook needs. It will also address the initial impact of “webscale” discovery tools on the use of ebooks and the possible implications on collection development.