Spring 2018 Conference


Data, Libraries and Justice

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018 at Colgate University, Hamilton, New York
Little Hall and JC Colgate Student Union


Conference Schedule

8-9: Registration w/continental breakfast, Little Hall 1st floor lobby

9-9:15: Welcome, ENY/ACRL President, Ali Larsen, Golden Auditorium, Little Hall

9:15-10:15: Speaker: Yasmeen Shorish, Golden Auditorium, Little Hall

Valuing Privacy in a Surveillance Society

Librarians often encounter data as a research product and we work to convey its value to society through effective data management and sharing. We less frequently consider data as it is produced through myriad digital environments, often for commodification purposes or in ways that threaten the privacy of individuals or groups. This talk will discuss how data generation, capture, and commodification are topics that librarians should be engaging with in order to contribute to an informed and engaged society.

Yasmeen Shorish is the Data Services Coordinator and an Associate Professor at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She seeks to enhance the knowledge and awareness of data information literacy on campus, which includes the discovery, management, and curation of data, as well as instruction in the methodologies for such. Her research interests are in data management education, changes in scholarly communication, and data curation. She’s been heavily involved in data management education efforts within ACRL. In all things, she believes that active librarianship means being a part of the fight for social justice.


10:15-10:30: Break/Vendors, Little Hall 1st floor lobby

10:30-11:30: Speaker: Melissa Morrone, Golden Auditorium, Little Hall

“What Happens When I Log Off?”: Data Privacy Literacy in the Library

Library staff may not be technologists, but we are educators as well as tech “translators” for our patrons. How can we teach ourselves and others about online privacy and security? How can we better understand the layers that influence data privacy in practice at the library? We’ll take a look at the Data Privacy Project and NYC Digital Safety curricula and talk about data flows, risk assessment, and why and how to do trainings for library staff.

Melissa Morrone is Supervising Librarian in the Shelby White and Leon Levy Information Commons at Brooklyn Public Library. She worked on the Data Privacy Project, which connected library employees with resources supporting digital privacy literacy, and is also part of an initiative to further train public library staff in New York City. Outside of the library, Melissa is the editor of Informed Agitation: Library and Information Skills in Social Justice Movements and Beyond and Human Operators: A Critical Oral History on Technology in Libraries.

11:30-12: Vendors & posters, Little Hall 1st floor lobby

12-12:15: Transition over to Hall of Presidents, JC Colgate Student Union

12:15-1:30: Lunch and Business meeting, Hall of Presidents, JC Colgate Union

1:30-2: Vendors & Posters, Little Hall 1st floor lobby

2-3: Speakers: Josh Finnell and Andy Pattison, Golden Auditorium, Little Hall

Endangered Data & Environmental Justice in Upstate NY

Endangered Data Week is a new, collaborative effort, coordinated across campuses, nonprofits, libraries, citizen science initiatives, and cultural heritage institutions, to shed light on public datasets that are in danger of being deleted, repressed, mishandled, or lost. Recently, Colgate University  hosted a community forum with representatives from Madison County and the State of New York to discuss public access to environmental and public health data sets. This talk will provide an overview of the event, how librarians and faculty members can partner at the intersection of data and environmental justice,  and responsibilities inherent in community outreach.

Joshua Finnell is an Associate Professor and Head of Research & Instruction in the University Libraries at Colgate University. He is a member of the steering committee for the DMPTool and has served on the planning committee for both the Digital Library Forum and the Research Data Access & Preservation Summit. Joshua is also active in several interest groups within the Research Data Alliance, such as Repository Platforms for Research Data and Education and Training on Handling of Research Data.

Andy Pattison is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Colgate University. His research and teaching interests include environmental and public policy, subnational sustainability and climate action planning, climate and energy politics, policy process theories, the role of science and technical information in policy-making, and issues of urban social equity. Andy endeavors to integrate community-based research into classes whenever possible. In addition to his academic work, Andy has also served in City Council and Governor appointed positions in local government and multiple governing boards related to environmental policy, affordable housing and civic engagement.


3-3:15pm: Closing remarks/conference evaluation, Golden Auditorium, Little Hall

3:15-4: Tour of Case-Geyer or Cooley Science libraries